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6 ways you can add a little touch of luxury to your new rental home

It can be a difficult task making your new rental feel like home, and more importantly, your  home.

Our team have put their heads together to come up with their top tips, which will inspire you to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your rental apartment.

Our apartments are all neutrally decorated – often in white or a light grey – and primed ready for you to make them your own so you may not own your flat, but you can certainly own the way you dress it!

Bed linen and cushions

Making your bedroom feel warm and cosy doesn’t necessarily mean redecorating. Your bed should be the focal point of the room, so make sure you give it some flare.

Patterned bedlinen or textured throws and cushions will instantly add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Dress your bed with a range of pillows in different shapes and sizes to create a boutique hotel-style look and to add a splash of colour to a neutral space.

Apartment Therapy bed linens

Credit: Apartment Therapy


The way you dress your sofa should be given as much thought and precision as the way you dress your bed. This is a piece of furniture which should look stylish yet inviting.

If your rental apartment comes furnished and you are struggling to make the sofa look inviting, invest in a throw or two and some statement cushions. Throws can instantly brighten a room and tie a theme together in a matter of seconds.

One Kind Design sofa throws

Credit: One Kind Design

A statement lamp

Top Dreamer statement lamp

 Credit: Top Dreamer

House plants

Why not add some greenery and life into to your apartment?

Plants will add a splash of colour and flare making the room feel vibrant and exotic, they can also add humidity in the air which will help reduce dust.

Top tip: Placing tall pot plants either side of your window will help add depth to the room and turn your window into a feature.

house plant

Credit: Pinterest


Rugs are always a great addition to any home. You will not necessarily have the option to change the flooring if it isn’t to your taste however, rugs will help transform the look and feel of a room to suit your style. Most of our Delph Living apartments include wooden flooring or neutral carpets, so they are perfect for a large statement rug!
Use a large pattered rug on a plain floor to create a design statement or layer textured rugs for a cosy rustic feel.


A mirror will create the illusion of space. They vary in cost and larger mirrors can be considerably more expensive; Ikea has a great range of affordable mirrors in different shapes and sizes. You can often find a great bargain at your local flea market or jumble sale – pop into your local charity shop and you may be surprised with what they have to offer.  Old mirror frames can often be sanded down and re-painted to add a new lease of life!

For a more design led look, try grouping several small mirrors together.

ikea mirror

Credit: Ikea


All Delph Living apartments are available furnished, part-furnished or  unfurnished. If you are searching for your next place to rent, contact our helpful team on 020 7907 5555 or email us. Explore our available flats in city centre locations across the UK here.